Altstadtrocker RockBowl(ing) Liga – The loudest competition in town!

What's happening in Düsseldorf?
Ready for a challenge like no other? The Old Town Rockers RockBowl(ing) League isn't just any bowling tournament – it's a call to all rebels with a heart to strike down the pins for a good cause! Together with the most legendary bowling alleys and the rockiest pubs in Düsseldorf, we're launching a competition that will shake the city!

Rules of the Game:
With your friends or the usual suspects from your local bar, form an indestructible bar team, and we welcome corporate or club teams too. Show what you've got, and every point scored by the day's best will be converted into hard cash for charity. Our sponsors will make the cash register ring – every point counts!

How to Rock with Us:
- Form a team of 4-6 people – whether friends, family, or colleagues, the main thing is that you share the same beat.
- Your gang can compete multiple times throughout the year to dominate the league table.
- After a year full of strikes, spares, and rock'n'roll, we will crown the “OLD TOWN ROCKERS ROCKBOWL CHAMPS”.

What's in it for you?
The best team not only crowns their showcase with a badass trophy but also wins awesome prizes assembled by our local rock joints and sponsors. Plus, you’ll make a hefty contribution to our charity partners. And as the icing on the cake, there’s fame and honor in the local rock community and beyond.

Why you must be there:
It’s the perfect combo of partying, smashing pins, and doing good! Strengthen your bond, support the local economy, and show that rock'n'roll has heart and soul.

Sign up now:
Gather your band and friends, think of a creative team name that reflects your wildness, and sign up via our website or at one of our partners. More information about registration fees and the procedure is available there or directly at your favorite pub.

Let's conquer the lanes and show that the Old Town Rockers have more than just music in their veins.

See you at the bowling alley – Rock on!

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