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Call to all Changemakers: Share your projects with us!

Dear friends, supporters, and activists,

You are actively working every day to make the world a better place – whether in kindergartens, nursing homes, animal welfare, or environmental protection. You make a difference in your region! At Foundation, we have committed ourselves with our G.O.A.T.! concept to support initiatives just like yours, focusing on small, regional projects that often operate away from the big spotlight.

We are looking for projects that strengthen and improve their local community with heart and dedication. Your commitment deserves recognition and support, whether you are private activists, organizations, associations, or small businesses.

Whether it concerns kindergartens, nursing homes, animal welfare organizations, environmental projects, or other social concerns - we are here to help you. Our system can be effectively used by private activists, organizations, associations, and companies to collectively raise donations.

Here's how you can apply:

- Describe your project: What do you do? Who benefits from it? How does your project contribute to improving the community?
- Regional roots: Why is your project important for your region? How does it strengthen the local common good?
- Needs: What resources do you need? Please specify the type and extent of the required resources.

To proactively counter money laundering and fraud, monetary donations are primarily converted into material donations or other forms of contribution by us. We organize materialistic support by converting the collected monetary donations into needed goods. This ensures that your donations reach where they are needed most.

Each submitted project will undergo public scrutiny. We use the internet to directly involve our users – they help decide which projects should be supported. This ensures transparency and secures community participation.

Why should you apply?
Our G.O.A.T.! system offers a platform where you can find not only financial but also material support. Together, we can achieve more and advance your valuable work.

All the social projects we support are carefully documented and extensively researched. Their progress and successes are made transparently accessible to the public, both on the internet and on social media.

Send us your project proposals through our contact form. Tell us your stories and let us act together to create positive changes in your communities.

Let's do good together – for a world where small projects can have a big impact!

With solidarity,

Your team at the Foundation

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Alle Bilder sind fiktiv und gezeigte Persönlichkeiten stehen nur in beispielhaftem Zusammenhang mit dem benannten Projekt. All pictures are fictional and shown personalities are only in exemplary connection with the named project. Toutes les images sont fictives et des personnalités montrées sont seulement en relation exemplaire avec le projet nommé. Todas las imágenes son ficticias y las personalidades mostradas están solo en relación ejemplar con el proyecto nombrado. すべての写真は架空のものであり、示されている個性は、名前付きプロジェクトとの例示的な接続でのみです。