World's Greatest Museum For Hard Rockin' Culture.

The Product: Heavy Metal Themepark

Rock and Roll has been around for more than 70 years!    
Over the decades, an infinite number of stories, developments, events and significant effects on music, fans and culture have emerged.    
Every single protagonist of these endless stories has contributed to the fact that the Hard & Heavy community still exists today as strong and indestructible.

In our new event concept, we give all these personalities the opportunity to tell their own stories, which is why we are creating:    
G.O.A.T.!  Worldwide 1st Mobile Museum of Hard Rock Music Culture

What is G.O.A.T.!?

This unique event concept of the Hard Rock Nations creates a new and unique world. 

Hard Rock Culture Through The Generations 

G.O.A.T.! presents the development of one of the most enduring music genres.    
G.O.A.T.! shows how rock has evolved into hard rock and heavy metal in all its facets.   
G.O.A.T.! presents the icons and idols of the fans and allows a deep look behind the scenes. 

What should the museum look like?

In rooms specially designed for the artists/ inside or protagonist/ inside in the form of    
The bands/artists/protagonists show their interpretations of their own art or history in cargo containers.

Artfully designed heavy metal containers as a museum contribution of the stars.   
All bands and artists are asked to design their own container and to fill it with the many stories of their career. This creates a theme park full of unique works of art by the greatest artists of their time.

How the artists present themselves is completely up to them, whether classic with unique pieces and memorials from the past or/ and with modern technical applications such as 3D bootleg videos or other finesses, it will be exciting in any case, how which/r artist/in wants to set a monument for itself/n.

Who decides on the G.O.A.T! Artists & Bands

Our users on Hardrocknations.org as well as the followers of the social media platforms decide in democratic votes who in the G.O.A.T.! Museum will be shown, for which we ask various questions and votes on different topics.

Here is an overview of the topics to be selected:

  • The biggest, best, loudest artists/ inside of the Hard & Heavy culture?
  • The best concerts & festivals
  • backgrounds, stories and anecdotes about concerts, 
  • parties and festivals that have reached cult status.  
  • Brands, products & protagonists
  • Instrument makers, sound technology, music publishers

G.O.A.T.! shows everyone who you think has a part in the success of the Hard & Heavy scene. 

*Picture examples - not (yet) real

The Event-Concept: The Hard Way

With our unique event and community concept we create our own world - the Hard Rock Nations!  
Here fans and guests experience their idols and heroes of the hard & heavy scene in a new, completely different way. 

Each his own little museum

The bands/artists/protagonists show their interpretations of their own art or history in premises specially designed for the artists/inside in the form of cargo containers.

The protagonists involved in the event (bands, artists, etc.) each receive their own sea container for free design. 

Theme park for rock, hard rock and heavy metal

The use of sea containers as an event module and museum contribution creates a large and mobile hard rock museum in a modular system.

Mobile, flexible to use, uncomplicated to design.

This concept makes the HRN event extremely flexible and can be used in almost all locations without having to use existing and expensive event locations.

Thus, the HardRockNations concept can also be used for external events (award ceremony) or in external events (eg Rock am Ring, etc.) very easily and flexibly integrated.



The Artists: The Greatest Of All Time

In our G.O.A.T.! Museum of Hard Rockin' Culture you can experience the greatest of their art. 

But who decides which (r) artists are really the greatest?

At the beginning we follow the research in the sense of the most successful Heavy Metal & Hardrock bands to present the listed artists/ inside and bands. However, these are only suggestions for now! Because... 
You decide who will be presented in the G.O.A.T.! !!

We start through the connected social media channels and at www.HardRockNations.org votings and surveys, which band should be seen at which event.

By voting on social media platforms, the Hard Rock Nations Citizens select which artists make it into the G.O.A.T.! event.  
Only the very best create their own presentation in the G.O.A.T.! 

In addition, the regional and local artists/ inside of the respective venues are particularly considered. 
If an event takes place in Germany, there will be an own "evaluation", which German bands make it into the exhibitions.  
If an event takes place in England, Denmark, USA or Mexico, the local bands/ artists/ inside are particularly considered.

Votes = Donations

In order to achieve our goal of generating as many donations and help as possible for the social projects we support, all votes are combined with a corresponding call for donations. Thus, online votings or SMS votings are iniciated, which is always associated with a freely selectable donation in order to achieve a decision about the amount of money raised, how the bands and artists position themselves in the ranking.  
Meaning: The artists with the highest donation amounts are presented on site accordingly.

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