There Is No Competition In Solidarity

In our current campaign, we aim to inspire supposed competitors from various industries to join forces and collectively work for the greater good. As an organization, we develop sensational ideas, projects, and actions that particularly unfold their impact when the fiercest rivals collaborate. Inspired by an advertising campaign from the 80s, we proclaim: "Together we are strong!"

We are planning a variety of actions, ideas, and events to fill this campaign with life and active participation.

We also encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions on this or a similar topic with us. We are always looking for social actions and/or projects that can be aligned with this motto. If they are thematically appropriate and supported by the community, we are happy to assist with our resources.

Please contact us via our contact form if you want to participate or have ideas.

You can also support this campaign by purchasing products from our campaign range. All proceeds go directly into our social and charitable projects.

Let's come together and show that even the greatest rivals can achieve great things for society when united.

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Alle Bilder sind fiktiv und gezeigte Persönlichkeiten stehen nur in beispielhaftem Zusammenhang mit dem benannten Projekt. All pictures are fictional and shown personalities are only in exemplary connection with the named project. Toutes les images sont fictives et des personnalités montrées sont seulement en relation exemplaire avec le projet nommé. Todas las imágenes son ficticias y las personalidades mostradas están solo en relación ejemplar con el proyecto nombrado. すべての写真は架空のものであり、示されている個性は、名前付きプロジェクトとの例示的な接続でのみです。